About us

With more than 25 years in the industry, we still learn everyday and continue to tweak what we know best, video production, new techniques, new technology and the exciting prospects this industry brings us to only better our workflow and in turn, create fantastic end results for our clients.

We are excited and passionate about with all our projects and of course, excited about our future and what the next level of video production brings, know one thing, we will be a part of it and so will you!

Our skills

Video production — 100%
Creativity — 100%
Concepts & Strategies — 100%
Work Ethics — 100%
Customer Satisfaction — 100%
What we believe
Point of View Media are a group of talented creative people that strive for one goal, giving the client, above and beyond expectation. Our years in the industry has given us the opportunity to not only explore the new creative boundaries and push past them,but also adhere to good ol’ fashioned values and client calm and understanding of the various projects and production situations.
Our clients get the best of both worlds, in that while we are contracted to complete a project, the very fact that we are producing the video for the client, allows us to continue creating amazing visual that will stimulate even those whom are normally more discerning!
At Point of View Media, there is no Hierarchy, in that yes, there is a Founder and core people that help the workflow but we like to call ourselves, ” a league of extraordinary creative individuals, that on our own are powerful creatively but when other “network” professionals are part of any of our projects, that is where you see awesome!
Our beliefs are that of, “we learn every day” you never stop learning. Our years of knowledge allow us to communicate in a professional manner and our work ethics are second to none!
Coming soon.

The Collaborators Continued

Michael De Florio

Editor, MoVi Operator, DOP

Johnny B-Roll

DOP, Cinematographer

Johnny B-roll

DP, Cinematographer

Drone Operators soon

Cinematographer & Drone op

Colourist Coming soon

Colour Grader

Sound Designer Soon


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