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We at POV Media are digital story tellers and will take the viewer on a journey that will
ensure that this is transformed into sales, information and / or education.



Your videos can be viewed on many different devices. Laptops, mobiles, tablets…
Coupled with the latest and best cloud based review system in the industry, Wipster, client reviews and changes if needed can be literally be done on the fly.



We want you to be more than happy with your project, we want you to be excited and
ecstatic because thats how we feel about every project.

Basic Info

We are a passionate and creative team of “network” professionals, each with our own honed skills and each wear many hats but come under one house, Creativity, from an advertising Ad creative, to MoVi operator, editors etc.
We are just big enough to be good but small enough to be affordable, we are in essence, content producers, in fact, content with visuals gets 94% more views than text or graphics!

The Collaborators

Michael De Florio


Carl Stella


Max Brown


Nicholas Mills


Paul Schena

Web Designer

Mitchell Edwards

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